UniversalTalent International (“UTI”) is a global talent agency and motion picture production company, with headquarters in Beverly Hills, California.

We are the first talent agency in the world to be developing, training and managing a new generation of cinema actors from Eastern Europe, through a unique network of Acting Schools in Minsk, Belarus and in Moscow, Russia. UTI is also developing a state of the art digital studio in Minsk that will rival any in Hollywood in cooperation with BelarusFilm, while offering our clients the most cost effective film budgets since the 1960s.

As a bridge between Hollywood, Russia and Belarus, UTI is uniquely positioned to be not only a provider of the best new actors trained exclusively for working in the movie industry in Hollywood, but we are also effectively able to assist Hollywood independent producers and studios to lower their overall costs of production, while maintaining a very high level of quality in their movies, from pre-production to final editing and release.

In 2018 we expect to have our Acting Schools in Belarus and in Russia operating, as well as bringing U.S. film projects to Belarus and Russia, and by the end of 2018 we will open our first of two Film Schools which will offer two year (Associate) and four year (Bachelor’s Professional) degrees in Filmmaking for students in the region. UTI’s vision is to be a catalyst for rebirth of the Belarusian and Russian film industries, by establishing its educational network of Film and Acting Schools, and by stimulating the local cultural communities and providing state of the art facilities for film productions worldwide, drawing U.S. studios, producers and directors to bring their projects to the region.

Commencing in July, 2021 UniversalTalent International Pictures will launch its first film production with “The Fifth Victim”, a thriller set in Hollywood in which five of the world’s biggest pop singers have gone missing, leading the local media and the police on a terrifying merry-go-round with a homicidal killer. Director COREY GRANT is set to direct stars BILL MOSELEY, SASHA JACKSON and AMANDA LEIGHTON (“This Is Us” NBC-TV and “The Fosters” on ABC Family), with filming to commence Summer 2021 in Hollywood, California. UTI is producing “The Fifth Victim” in association with Cinematik Films, LLC.

In December, 2019 we launched our new record label voxRuss (“Voice of Russia). Our new music management division and recording label will feature artists from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. Look for the launch soon of voxRuss website at http://voxr.us.

In November, 2020 we launched our Book Publishing Division with the planned release of British author SIMON KYLE PARKER’s “The Big Catch”. Universal Talent International is developing authors worldwide for its release of both physical and e-books including Amazon’s KINDLE(r) platform.

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