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Afton Jillian Signed for The Fifth Victim | UniversalTalent International


Beverly Hills, California – 30th January 2018 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE UniversalTalent International (“UTI”), the Beverly Hills, California talent management agency and movie studio, announced today the casting of actress AFTON JILLIAN in the forthcoming horror/thriller ‘THE FIFTH VICTIM” being directed in Hollywood by COREY GRANT. Afton will be playing the lead role of ALEXANDRA COPELAND, a pop music diva caught up in a wave of high-profile celebrity kidnappings in the music industry.

“I am delighted to have discovered Afton, a rare talent who’s not only a great actress, but also a top-flight singer and musician,” stated CEO Gary Brant, “She is perfectly suited to this role in our first feature from UniversalTalent International Pictures, given her experience as a pop singer and a veteran of the club scene in Hollywood”.

Afton Jillian added, “The Fifth Victim def has the power to become a cult classic if not a breakout horror. And my role of the indie pop girl maker her way to stardom is right up my alley. When you add the elements of suspense and thrills that go into missing pop stars, clubs, press and the agents that manage all this, well I think it’s a phenomenal film, perfect for the modern movie watching audience and a perfect role for me”.

“The Fifth Victim” is slated to begin production in Hollywood, California and among the stellar cast members are AMANDA LEIGHTON (“The Fosters”, “This Is Us”), SASHA JACKSON, JULIANNE MICHELLE and JUSTINE WACHSBERGER. The original script was written by Gary Brant, Jacob Reynolds and Thomas Rotenberg.

UniversalTalent has emerged as a major talent agency and production force in Hollywood, having been first to identify the opportunities for low cost productions in Eastern Europe including Russia and the Republic of Belarus, the latter where UTI signed the first international agreement for cooperation in film production and actor training with the Belarus Ministry of Culture. With its sister company UniversalTalent Internationl Pictures, it is developing new acting, writing and music talents on a global scale in combination with low cost studio and post production facilities in Eastern Europe.

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