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Amanda Leighton Joins Cast of "The Fifth Victim" | UniversalTalent International

Amanda Leighton Joins Cast of “The Fifth Victim”

Beverly Hills, California – 18 July 2014


UniversalTalent International Pictures, Inc. (“UTIP”), the Beverly Hills, California movie studio announced today the signing of actress AMANDA LEIGHTON to play the role of Hollywood paparazzi Sofie Hendricks in its new horror thriller “The Fifth Victim”, being filmed in Los Angeles in September by director COREY GRANT, from a script by JACOB REYNOLDS and THOMAS ROTENBERG.

Based in Hollywood, Leighton plays Emma on ABC Family’s “The Fosters”, and has appeared in numerous television shows including “Make It or Break It”, “The Young and the Restless” and “Pretty Little Liars”, among others.

“Amanda is the perfect actress to play the exciting role of a Hollywood tabloid photographer who discovers there are skeletons in the closets of the world’s biggest pop music idols,” stated UniversalTalent International Pictures CEO Gary Brant. “I’m looking forward to introducing Amanda in a major motion picture and having her seen by a new generation of horror fans,” continued Brant.

Amanda Leighton added, “I am very excited to play the role of Sofie Hendricks.  I have always been a fan of horror films and I am so thankful to be a part of this one. This is a different type of role then people have seen me play and I am excited to tackle it.”

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