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Belarus Government Invites UTI Executives to Minsk | UniversalTalent International

Republic of Belarus Government Invites UTI’s CEO to Minsk for Global Joint Venture

Beverly Hills, California – 26 July 2013


UniversalTalent International (“UTI”), the Beverly Hills, California global Talent and Management Agency, announced today that its CEO Gary Brant has been invited by the Republic of Belarus Government to attend a series of meetings to advance UTI’s plans to bring Hollywood productions to Minsk. The international project has been in progress for almost a year, and follows UTI’s vision to develop Minsk and its Belarusfilm Studio as a premier destination for Hollywood producers and studios seeking offshore facilities, technicians and related talents for runaway productions.

“Our long standing cooperation with the Republic of Belarus Government has today been confirmed through a planned series of meetings in the office of the Ministry of Culture in Minsk,” stated UTI’s CEO Gary Brant, “Our foundation mission to develop a network of Screen Acting Schools in Belarus, to train young talents wanting to have careers in the film industry in Hollywood, combined with our objective to satisfy an increasing need on behalf of our Hollywood clients to locate, develop and utilize offshore production facilities to lower their costs, has now been set in motion with affirmation of our plan by the Republic of Belarus Government, and we could not be more honored or pleased with this strategic, international business and cultural opportunity,” Brant concluded.

UniversalTalent International, one of the fastest growing talent management agencies in Hollywood, has its origins in Belarus where it discovered and identified the film facilities and film industry located in Minsk, primarily the Belarusfilm Studio, as being uniquely positioned in the world, in combination with well-trained cinema professionals located in the region. “We see Minsk as the “new Hollywood of Eastern Europe”, being well located almost in the center of the EU, and having been largely inactive in the production of feature films, and especially Hollywood productions,” continued Brant, “We also are confident that there exists in Belarus many young talents, from actors to directors and cinematographers, composers, editors and other technicians who, with a support system and economic stimulus plan in place, will find gainful employment and Minsk’s local film industry will experience a rebirth –  Which is the paramount objective of our mission”.

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