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UniversalTalent Debuts Daneliya Tuleshova in Las Vegas

UniversalTalent Debuts DANELIYA TULESHOVA in Las Vegas

Beverly Hills, California – 13th August 2021 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE UniversalTalent International (“UTI”), the Beverly Hills, California talent management agency and movie studio, announced today the signing of an exclusive, multi-year development contract with 15 year old Kazakh singer DANELIYA TULESHOVA. UniversalTalent | Music, a division of UniversalTalent International, will spearhead her first ever concert in the United States by the pop singer, who was favored to win Season 15 of “America’s Got Talent” by music mogul Simon Cowell.

Daneliya Tuleshova

Daneliya Tuleshova

Early Years

Tuleshova Daneliya Alexandrovna (her official Russian name) was born in Astana, Kazakhstan on July 18th, 2006. Her father Alexander is an insurance executive, her mother is Yelena Maratovna. Both of Daneliya’s parents have been strong supporters of her artistic development from a very young age. Daneliya also has a younger brother Timur, and a younger sister, Amelie. From the age of three, Daneliya was engaged in various classes in the arts. After that, Daneliya began to take part in ballroom dancing and dance championships, winning prizes as a child prodigy. Daneliya went on to take classes in modern dance in children’s centers in her home town of Almaty. At the same time, she began attending acting classes and group choir, where at the age of 8 she was noticed and offered the opportunity to participate in the singing contest “Ayalagan Astana”, which, in turn, is a qualifying round for the popular television project “New Wave for Children” produced in Russia by Igor Krutoy. In 2015, Daneliya won the “Ayalagan Astana” contest and went on to the finals of the “New Wave Junior”, where she won the Audience Favorite Award.

After Daneliya participated in her first television show and reached an international audience, her parents decided that her vocals should be studied on a professional level, and she began classes with a vocal teacher while she continued to dance and participate in competitions. In January 2017, Daneliya took part in the “International Hope of Europe Competition”, where she won the Grand Prix. And in June 2017, having passed the preliminary casting, she took the stage for the Blind Auditions in “Voice Kids Ukraine”.  After going through all of the show’s competitive rounds against much older contestants, at the age of 10 Daneliya became the youngest winner of “Voice Kids Ukraine”.  Her audition on the show of the Demi Lovato song Stone Cold now has over 70 million views on YouTube.

A Music Star is Born

Daneliya went on to win in the national selection of “Junior Eurovision 2018”, and became a finalist of the contest, reaching third place in online voting and sixth place overall. She then received a citation for “Opening of the Year” at the Bravo Music Awards in 2018. Daneliya was featured next in “The World’s Best” talent show on CBS-TV in Los Angeles, California, hosted by James Corden, becoming a finalist. And she emerged as a popular young TV star, appearing on “The Real Talk” show on FOX-TV, and interviewed on “Extra TV”. Daneliya has a natural grace and appeal which makes her a favorite both with her peers and adults.

Daneliya was officially selected by the Kazakh government as a Unesco ambassador and Tourism Ambassador of Kazakhstan. In 2018 and 2019 she performed on different stages for special events within Kazakhstan and abroad in: Turkey; Italy, on the Isle of Capri; Moscow, Russia; and Kiev, Ukraine.

In 2020, Daneliya participated in “America’s Got Talent” Season 15 on NBC-TV, where she captured the attention of the celebrity judges and the TV audience.  She easily reached the finals and was voted Number Six in the contest. Her appearance on AGT catapulted the 13-year-old singer into an overnight superstar, with the viewership of the show at over 16 million fans.

Since “America’s Got Talent”, Daneliya has gone on to garner a huge fan base worldwide, with almost 2 million YouTube subscribers, over a hundred million YouTube views, more than 600,000 Instagram followers, and over 100,000 Facebook followers. She was also signed to Four Chords Records by President Rich Fayden, and has begun releasing original songs including “Like You Used To” to her fans. Daneliya has become an active and popular influencer on Social Media in her native Kazakhstan, throughout Russia, and she has a huge fanbase in the United States with online groups following her every activity.

It’s generally agreed that Daneliya has a voice and performance ability far beyond her years, ranking her among the very top singers in the world today.  Her future is unlimited, and the next step desired by her millions of fans is for her to take the stage in the United States.

Daneliya Tuleshova

Coming to America

UniversalTalent | Music will produce the first-ever public concert by Daneliya in the United States. The music management, booking and promotion agency selected Las Vegas, Nevada as the best possible location for its concert with possible dates in July 2022  for Saturday, July 2nd, 9th or 16th, 2022. The final date will be announced soon. The gambling and entertainment mecca is enjoying the strongest attendance surge on record since making its post Covid-19 comeback. UniversalTalent | Music will offer “One Show Only” on a first-come, first-serve basis, and according to Founder and CEO Gary Brant, “We fully expect Daneliya’s debut USA concert to sell out in record time,” Brant stated. “We are thrilled and delighted to be producing Daneliya’s very first concert in America. I have been one of her biggest fans since she exploded on the music scene in 2017 with “Voice Kids Ukraine”, and I know her audience will be thrilled speechless when they witness her 70-minute live concert, in the show business capital of the world. Attendees will also have a rare opportunity to meet Daneliya in person as part of our planned events. A special thanks goes out to Daneliya, her dad Alex, and her record label owner and songwriter Rich Fayden,” stated Brant.

“I am very excited to be planning for my first public concert in the USA in early summer 2022,” stated Daneliya Tuleshova in an official statement. “This has been my dream for a long time, to sing on stage for my American fans. It will be super exciting to first appear in the center of the world of show business – in Las Vegas, Nevada,” continued Tuleshova. “I am very grateful for the support of my parents, and all of my faithful fans in the USA, and to my producer Gary Brant for making my concert possible!”

Fans who wish to be kept up do date on all the news for Daneliya’s upcoming concert, and to be first in line to buy tickets, may join our DANELIYA SHOWS FAN CLUB

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Daneliya Tuleshova



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