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UniversalTalent International Expands to Actors Management | UniversalTalent International

UniversalTalent International Announces Expansion to Actors Management

Beverly Hills, California – 11 June 2013


UniversalTalent International (“UTI”), the Beverly Hills-based Talent and Management Agency, today announced a new program to actively manage and represent emerging screen actors in Hollywood.

UTI has emerged since launching its international agency in October, 2012 as one of the most powerful new Management Agencies in the movie industry, with a focus on internally developing slates of film projects with its roster of producers, directors and screenwriters. The maverick agency has also pioneered both a new financial model for film investors and studios, as well as a unique strategy for saving its clients $millions of dollars by creating what is known in the industry as “runaway productions”, which allow producers to take their film and TV projects to foreign production facilities.

“Now that we have assembled our core of first clients on the production side, which include legendary Hollywood Executive Producer/Directors like James Dodson (“Chronicle” 2012 – Davis Entertainment/20th Century Fox),” commented UTI’s CEO Gary Brant, “We want to begin putting together our A-List of emerging young actors whom we see as the stars of tomorrow, and because our clients are wanting to cast their slates of projects with UTI’s own stable of actors where possible.”

“Unlike every other Talent Agency and Talent Manager in Hollywood, UTI has a distinctive and strong vision that sets it apart,” continued Brant, “Our strategy is to cast our actors from internal projects and slates of films which at present account to more than twenty projects through early next year. The actors who become part of our team will be working with the most exciting, well financed producers and directors in the industry, assuring that within a few years they will have the opportunity to become true stars in this business.”

By the beginning of 2014, UTI stated that it expects to have more than fifteen producers, directors and screenwriters under contract, and with its recent expansion into actors management, it expects to have signed more than twenty actors under management.

“Our goal in 2014 is to become one of the top five Talent and Management Agencies in Hollywood,” Brant summarized, “We’ve made a strong start and that should translate into very good operating results by the end of next year.”

Actors who would like to participate in UTI’s new Actors Management should fill out and submit the application below.

Fill out my online form.




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