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UniversalTalent International Launches Worldwide Talent Search

Beverly Hills, California – 3 January 2016


UniversalTalent International  (“UTI”), the Beverly Hills, California talent management agency announced today the launch of a worldwide talent search to bolster its roster of film and television actors. The goal of the project is to identify, foster and develop a new generation of stars suitable for both productions organized by its subsidiary UniversalTalent International Pictures (“UTIP”) as well as clients of the firm seeking world-class actors.

“We are excited to kick off 2016 with a global search for the very best new and undiscovered talent,” stated CEO and Founder Gary Brant, “UniversalTalent is uniquely positioned to develop and manage young actors who want to jettison their career to the highest level in an increasingly competitive industry both in Hollywood and worldwide”.

“With two features going into production, the horror/thiller “The Fifth Victim”, and the sci-fi/horror “Haunted Starship”, UniversalTalent International Pictures can serve as a testament to UniversalTalent’s growth and positioning as an emerging maverick entertainment leader in Hollywood,” stated Brant, “With the launch of our global talent search, in 2016 we expect to sign new talents that we will develop into tomorrow’s superstars”.

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