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UniversalTalent Signs AyeCM Rascals to Exclusive Management

UniversalTalent Signs AyeCM Rascals to Exclusive Management Deal

Beverly Hills, California – 11th June 2021 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE UniversalTalent International (“UTI”), the Beverly Hills, California talent management agency and movie studio, announced today the signing of Southern California music act AyeCM Rascals to a multi-year exclusive Management Contract. This high energy kids group is comprised of siblings 11 year old Kamrin “KamBeezy” Russ-Grimes, 10 year old Londann “Bridges” Grimes and 8 year old Leeyonna “Cheeneez” Grimes.

Since forming in 2019, the trio has become a phenomenon on YouTube and Facebook, with their videos going viral and achieving over 300,000 views. They perform regularly throughout Southern California and their music combines hip-hop, rap and a high energy stage show utilizing mesmerizing dance moves and unique outfits. AyeCM Rascals are deeply involved in their youth community, having adopted a strong anti-bullying message as shown in their music video “Stop Playin”. They have performed more than 32 shows in the region, upholding their strong stand on putting a stop to bullying.

Their notoriety caught the attention of California’s 21 Senate District’s Senator Wilk for their single release “America”, and also appeared as contestants on “America’s Got Talent” in 2020. As the trio’s act has evolved, more and more young fans are drawn to their positive messaging combined with great vocals and high quality music videos.

UniversalTalent CEO Gary Brant stated, “I am delighted to have signed AyeCM Rascals, and also as one of the first acts to become part of Universal Talent | Music. These kids have tremendous talent, energy and are appealing to every audience,” Brant continued, “The group is now at the stage which, like a rocket leaving the Earth’s atmosphere, they are truly ready for the stars”.

Lonnell Grimes, father of Beezy, Bridges and Cheeneez, added “As their parent, I’m instilling fearlessness into them to become the best of their abilities, and how to accept early in life that all achievements are made by overcoming challenges…”.

Beezy stated, “My dad and business partner Shak have done a great job so far with how far we’ve come in the music business, so working with UniversalTalent will bring us to a new level!”

Bridges chimed in, “I’m excited to be on a winning team with UniversalTalent, and I look forward to becoming an international star”.

Sister Cheeneez says, “I can’t wait to see the kind of events we will be performing at now that UniversalTalent  is on our team! I can feel the success already with what Gary has planned…I’m ready for anything that comes our way!”

AyeCM Rascals Music can be found online and on Social Media at the following links, and stay tuned to UniversalTalent for updates on upcoming live shows!

On Instagram: http://bit.ly/ayecminsta

On YouTube: http://bit.ly/ayecmyoutube

On Spotify: http://bit.ly/ayecmspotify

On Pandora: http://bit.ly/ayecmpandora

On Facebook: http://bit.ly/ayecmfacebook

On TikTok: http://bit.ly/ayecmtiktok




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