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Beverly Hills, California – 26th January 2018 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE UniversalTalent International (“UTI”), the Beverly Hills, California talent management agency and movie studio, announced today the signing of a multi-year exclusive Management and Publicist Contract with FOX-TV star AFTON JILLIAN, who was featured in EMPIRE and THE BAY. Afton is also a well known pop music singer in Los Angeles, where she has released two albums and performs in many live local concerts with her band.

“I am excited to be working with Afton, whose staggering talents bridge music, acting and live onstage performing,” stated CEO Gary Brant, “She’s a wonderful representative of a new breed of artist that can excel in many different entertainment arenas. Her acting debut in “Empire” emphasized her sharp-edged skills and we will soon be announcing a feature film leading role for Afton”.

Afton Jillian added, “Well, I sure am thrilled to be repped by UniversalTalent. Just signed my contract and they are already helping solidify my brand. Not only that, there are literally scripts in my inbox that I am dying to read! Gary is one of the few talent managers who also works with record labels and producers, and this will def help me expand my music career as well. Thanks UniversalTalent! I look forward to our future careers together.”

UniversalTalent has emerged as a major talent agency and production force in Hollywood, having been first to identify the opportunities for low cost productions in Eastern Europe including Russia and the Republic of Belarus, the latter where UTI signed the first international agreement for cooperation in film production and actor training with the Belarus Ministry of Culture. In addition, with its sister company UniversalTalent International Pictures, the company is readying its first feature film, “The Fifth Victim”, being directed by COREY GRANT in Hollywood.

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